Friday, July 17

Scout Camp Happiness

Jack went to Cub Scout Camp all this week. He LOVED it beyond belief, and he also apparently is some sort of archery bulls-eye shooting savant. Tonight was the "wrap-up" event where I was painfully reminded that 1) I do not like the woods 2) I do not like dirt and 3) I do not like bugs. We sat in a giant dust ball on filthy wooden benches in front of a roaring campfire in the first real heat of the summer, while each "den" put on skits and sang songs. Abbey thought this was a good opportunity to play in the dusty dirt by my bug bitten legs. My feet were black, my clothes were trashed, but my son was happy. And dirty. Check out this picture I took of his feet when we got home, right before he was cleansed in a nice long tub.


Lindy said...

I can't sign my kid up for camp, I know somehow, somewhere, I'll end up there too and I just can't do it.

I'm just a huge fan of toilet paper, what can I say.

Missy said...

I've gotta say Hannah's feet look that dirty every day after an afternoon of playing outside! No matter how much I tell her she always ends up in with her shoes off playing in the dirt by the bushes as soon as I'm not looking! I spend more time cleaning her up when we get in I swear - scrub scrub scrub! I'd hate to see what she would look like after camp