Wednesday, March 11

The Octo-Mom, The Madness

Is it just me (don't answer that, I know it's not) but is the Octo-mom, Nadya Suleman, crazy? I'll admit, I haven't followed her sensationalized life that much. I have picked up bits and pieces. She is single, she has 6 other kids at home, she just had 8 babies, she lives in like a 2 bedroom house. The babies are still in the hospital, some of them still in the NICU. But I've SEEN these babies. On Entertainment Tonight, on Access Hollywood. On the Internet. In the paper. On the regular news. I shouldn't have seen any of these babies. I don't know them, they are not family. They are small and frail and defenseless and there is no way in the world anyone should be seeing them. They should be kept safe and secure and NOT BE ON TV. I'm sorry I keep yelling (a.k.a. screaming out in all CAPS) but it frustrates me. Each time I see something on this woman she is talking about how she just wants the madness to end, blah blah blah. How she is normal and not crazy and wishes the media would just leave her alone. Well honey, here's a hint, if you want the madness to end STOP INVITING THE MEDIA INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM! Stop letting Access Hollywood take their cameras and their crew and their germs into the hospital to tape footage of you stroking your 6 week old 3 lb babies. Stop it now. Just stop it. OK, I feel better.


Jen said...

Don't get me started. Dr. Phil has had 4 "specials" about her in the past few weeks....not that I watched them or anything! ;)

Anonymous said...

Nadya has a NEW home, has help from "angels" to care for the babies when they arrive home, a decorator providing cribs and changing tables and Dr. Phil's website for donations. (He does not want the children in foster care. OK, I agree with that)
I guess showing the babies will provide $$ to pay for all that they will need.
Say a prayer for those 14 children.
The mother is clueless.
Carol B.

CaitRenee said...

I can't even think about it. It drives me insane that when I think about my life plan, I recognize how carefully I plan and factor children in my life. I don't want to be mental about it, but I know that education, employment, health, relationship status, and a million other things need to happen before I have one. And here's a woman who thinks- Hmm no job, no money OF MY OWN, no husband (not that it's a necessity, but some sort of helper is required) and a bucket of attention starved kids and somehow that equals have more? Did she get tired of the ones she had? I hate being angry at her, but ooops I am.

CaitRenee said...

PS. Kirstin! I can't read anything unless I highlight it. AHHH

Kirsten said...

Yes, there have been technical difficulties with the new blog look, but I just checked and I can see it fine. The background is brown but the text is coming in white, at least on my screen. Let me know if you can't see it again :-)

Amy said...

Ok, so here's the thing. I have a brood, husband away (four weeks to go!), almost no help, except my most of my kids are older and more self sufficient. It wasn't always this way, though now looking back it was definitely easier when they were little. Having a large family is a lot of work and Chris and I work together, even long distance and it has it's difficulties, same as any family. I still wouldn't change anything or give any of them back.

I still can't imagine what she was thinking, though, to do this knowing she would have no means to provide BOTH love/attention and their necessities all on her own. Let's not even start on the doctors who helped her. Obviously the $$ from all this publicity must help, or she wouldn't be doing it. Anyway, the babies are here now and I hope she is up to the task, for all of her children's sake. She's going to be one busy mama!

Kirsten, I can see it fine. Looks great!:)

Kirsten said...

Amy, you do a great job with your big brood. The difference is that not only did you not have all 8 at once, but I've never seen you on Dr. Phil asking for donations! ;-)

Amy said...

You're right. That's a huge difference. When I think about it, I do get a little miffed(trying to be nice!) when these moms (that very small handful we hear about in the media) who use alternative treatment feed off their sympathizers and the media.

The mystery to me is how any doctor in their right mind would help her do this knowing she would have no way to handle it all on her own.