Thursday, March 5

Miss Crankypants and a Good Cause

I am feeling very cranky today. Actually, I felt pretty cranky yesterday as well. I am cranky because I can't seem to shake this damn cold I've had for 3 weeks. I am cranky because we are still living in a trailer in the yard. I am cranky because my dog who is now 12 is shedding even more hair than the usual 1,234,556 hairs every day and coating the entire small trailer we currently live in with hair, hair, hair. Dog hair on my bed. Dog hair on my clothes. Dog hair in my coffee. Dog hair on the kids. It's bad. I am cranky because I am tired and feel like I never get to just sleep in. I am cranky because it always feels like we have something to do, all the time. I am cranky because my pants are too tight and I don't have the desire, energy or will to do anything to change it. Sigh. I guess I am just cranky. Last night I had all these dreams (did you ever notice you dream more when you don't feel well? Maybe I had a fever.) The one I remember is that I was at the doctors office waiting to get checked out, but the doctor was running late. I kept staring at the clock, knowing that I had to leave in exactly 12 minutes in order to get home and get Jack off the bus. I watched the clock and felt tense and then when 12 minutes were up I had to leave. So I left. I never saw the doctor. Also I couldn't find my chapstick and emptied out every part of my purse, pockets and the entire doctors office looking and could not find chapstick. Well, you don't have to be a dream scientist to figure out what this meant. I am #1, feeling sick and #2, too busy to do anything about it. Oh, and my lips are really chapped.

On another note altogether, I want to introduce you to another adorable little cancer warrior. I know, I know. No more! you say. I understand, and also understand if you just stop reading right now. I myself have purposely NOT clicked on links to new kids for this very reason. I just can't take any more right now. But for me, this one is a little different. Bryce Frebowitz is the son of my friend Suzy's really good friend from High School. This isn't some child I don't know. Although I've never met Bryce personally, I've met his mom and have been following their story since the beginning. He was diagnosed last April, when he was 13 months old. He is doing GREAT and the family is even as we speak enjoying themselves in Disneyworld. If you feel up to it, check out his site. Just go here to visit Bryce. Most of the updates are written by his father, Micheal, who quit his job to take care of Bryce full time. For most of us who's husbands can't even find the hamper to throw their dirty socks into, reading thoughtful and meaningful posts written by a man is enough to keep you going back to hear more. There is even a benefit in Bryce's name happening on March 20th. This is happening in PA (where they live) so if you happen to live in the area, will be coincidentally visiting on that date, or just want to check it out, click here. All proceeds benefit CureSearch.

So although it is all too easy to forget the good things in your life, especially when you've got on those damn tight crankypants, lets remember to always be thankful for our kids being healthy, being here.


Jen said...

D*mn you Kirsten! I have been trying to not let any new kids into my heart lately. It's so sad that we have the CHOICE to not burden ourselves with this horror. Anyway, of course, I clicked on Bryce's site and all it took was that first pic! I'm hooked!

Now on to you my friend! I hope you get rid of your dog hair and your trailer! And I hope your cranky pants feel loser in the morning! :)

Jen said...

Having three children can be very difficult... especially when you don't feel good and the oldest doesn't step up and help out. I feel your pain and you have every right to be cranky...

Anonymous said...

"For most of us who's husbands can't even find the hamper to throw their dirty socks into, reading thoughtful and meaningful posts written by a man is enough to keep you going back to hear more."
So very true...I would be laughing but it's not funny. Good luck with the dog hair...ugh.
Carol B

Pam said...

This note has to be 2 part....1st Bryce, I've heard Suzy's updates, but that page really just changed my perspective. Thanks for pointing me to their page, my heart goes out to Nicole & Michael, and I am more thankful than ever for my healthy boys.

On the crankypants....ME TOO!!! I have been in a mood for a few weeks now. And I can certainly relate to the dog-hair issue....such a pain! Hope you're back to YOUR world soon!!!!