Saturday, February 7

Warning: Deleted

So lately I have been going on Facebook more and more. I'm not sure why, I think it is basically just a nosiness gene I have that requires me to know what my friends are doing at all times. Last night while having some wine and snacks with a few girlfriends in town (see, face to face visiting, not just in cyberspace) we were debating the ins & outs of Facebook. Our big question: what happens when you delete someone? Do they know? Can they somehow tell that they have been . . . gulp . . . deleted from your Facebook life? After much discussion we decided that probably you just disappear from their screen. And I suppose their "friend" number goes down. Most people probably wouldn't even notice because it seems like a lot of people have WAY too many friends. I mean, hundreds . . . hundreds. Who has hundreds of friends in real life? Personally I have 75. Well, I did, before I started deleting. Even this fairly small number sounded a little bit ridiculous to me. I thought to myself, if Dennis threw me a surprise party and invited ALL of my Facebook friends, would I be glad? Then I deleted 7 people that I didn't ever know that well in the first place, were certainly never really friends with, and only I suspect asked me to be their friend to "up" their own friend number. Phew. I feel better now. Cleansed. Also, how many times can you "ignore" a friend request before they give up? Diane wonders. She has ignored someone 6 times, and they have not given up. Hmmmm. Cyberstalking?

Unrelated topic, the kids and I just watched Madagascar 2, Escape to Africa. LOVE this song. Could be my new theme song.


CaitRenee said...

I need to clean house on facebook too. Don't worry. You make the cut.

Pam said...

hahahha....that video clip is hysterical!!! I need to rent Madegascar 2 for my boys.

So, you did the delete...good for you. I wonder if anyone will suddenly re-request you? You'll have to let me know....

Erin said...

Why don't you and your little group of wine slewing, snack consuming facebookers delete each other and see what happens to you...then you'll know for sure.
But watch out, what happens at the next wine and snack social when someone calls the other out cause they've been ignoring their repeated request for renewed friendship? Hummmm
More wine please