Wednesday, February 25

Meltdown City

Why is it that at 5:11 everyone is happy, everyone is calm. No one is hungry. But come 5:18, the children are STARVING. They are starving like they haven't eaten in 2 days, they are violent and cranky and obnoxious. Does this happen to all children? Their appetites remind me of when I was pregnant, when I would go from perfectly fine to ravenously hungry and then completely stuffed all within the span of 4 1/2 minutes. Of course, if I was a good mother, a planning ahead and all knowing mother, I would realize this and time dinner to be precisely at 5:17 pm. But this never seems to happen. By the time I start to think about dinner it is usually sometime between 4:45 and 5, and then of course there is that pesky little problem of the food cooking. Believe me, I have thought about just throwing the fish sticks at them frozen, but I stop myself and try to cook them first. Then the problem becomes that they want a snack, are whining and yelling and throwing themselves on the floor for a snack, but with only 12 minutes until supper is ready there is no time for one. Sure, odds are that Jack would still eat dinner 12 minutes later (Abbey wouldn't) but it becomes a really unnecessary snack. Why can't the kids just wait the 12 frickin' minutes. Its only 12 minutes. 1 Spongebob. Please.

What do they call it, the witching hour? I agree. I think it originated back in the middle ages when actual witches would come upon this hour, turn their children into toads, and fly off into the sunset on their broomsticks. That's what I would do. . . if I were a witch.