Tuesday, September 2

Top Ten List

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! To commemorate the end of the season, here is my "Top Ten Reasons Why I Am Glad Summer Is Over" list.

10. The sight of my pasty white legs in shorts.

9. Bloody bug bite scabs.

8. Crisp Fall weather approaching, crinkly fall leaves.

7. Dirty, filthy, sand encrusted feet.

6. 10 pm bedtimes.

5. S’mores. And cheeseburgers. And hot dogs. And ice cream.

4. Sunscreen - apply liberally and re-apply every 2 hours or after swimming or excessive sweating. OK. Sure.

3. Return of Apples. Apple pie. Apple picking. Apple cider. Cider donuts . . .

2. Bathing suits.

And the number one reason I am glad summer is over -

1. Three little words. Back. To. School.


missy said...

well, I'm a bit sad to say but here not much of those apply - except bedtime and school - oh and we don't eat smores much anyway. But don't the bugs still stay out for now - not to ruin it for you or anything but just think of me and the sunscreen, sandy feet and bathing suits that last forever it seems and don't forget sweaty heads and no fresh air from open windows and it goes on sooo

missy said...

I forgot to mention mandatory evacuations due to hurricanes - hope our house will still be here when we get back

Suzy said...

What's wrong with cheeseburgers??

Kirsten said...

First off to skinny Suzy, it's not the tastiness of the cheeseburger, its the fattiness of all bbq foods and their easy accessibility in the summer. Of course, the winter has it's own fattiness! And Missy, really, you are evacuated. My first thought was, I've got to call Missy, but I guess if you are evacuated you are probably not home. I would like to thank you though for leaving a comment on my blog before you packed up your belongings and 2 children and headed out the door! Hmmmm. . . good luck!

Pamela said...

Fall is great, bring it on!!!! Just keep winter away....