Monday, September 22

Funtastic Weekend

This weekend was an absolute blast. We headed to New Hampshire to go to Storyland with 5 other families, friends I've had since college. 12 adults, 13 kids, one house, one hellava good time. We got to hang out, the kids got to be kids, the Old Lady In The Shoe got to be old. It was wonderful! Giant kudos to our friend Kate who drove EIGHT hours, got a speeding ticket and almost killed her husband just to hang with us. I am too tired to write more, being that I am exhausted from all the fun, fighting off a cold and am still hung-over from Saturday night. Man I'm old, I just can't party like I used to!

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missy said...

ok after reading this one (well not just this one but...) I was almost ready to stop reading becasue they just make miss you and home and friends soooo much. If I hadn't seen Tim and Punta this weekend and actually gone out for our once a year night without the girls I just might have so I will keep on for now. Really I do love reading about everything that is going on it just makes me miss you sooo much!!!!!!!!!