Friday, November 7

Wonderwoman To The Rescue!

Do you ever wish you had superpowers? Of course you do. If you could have one purely for yourself superpower what would it be? This would have to be a power beyond the obvious ones like, "Save the World", "Cure Cancer" "Have Money Fly Out Of Your Butt" or "End Starvation". I think mine would be to be able to suck up all the dirt and dust in my house and eradicate it back to the earth where it belongs. I would just start spinning really fast and all this dust would fly out of my front door. There, mission complete! This would help especially now when my house seems to be drowning in dust. Where is it all coming from? I look up at the ceiling and start to see all these cobwebs everywhere, like we are living in a haunted house or something. Before I know it I am on my tiptoes on a chair, teetering precariously and swiping at the dust with a rag. But no matter how much you clean it, it just leads down the hall to more dust. Into another bedroom and more dust. There is no end! Yes, being a supercleaner would be awesome. So, what is your fantasy superpower?

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Not sure, but if your super-cleaner powers ever DO emerge, can you visit my house? Say once per week?????