Wednesday, November 5

A New Day

First, let me inform you that this week's installment of Unfrump-A-Slump Wednesday will not take place due to the magnitude of Halloween candy I ate, which in turn made me too chicken shit to get on my scale this morning. I promise I will be back on that horrid contraption next week, hopefully with good news.

In other news, we have elected a brand spankin' new president. No matter what you're personal political views or wishes, we can all be happy that we will no longer have to be inundated with political ads every 4 seconds, and I will not have Abbey come up to me with this statement again. "Mommy, did you know that 19 dogs DIED in their cages???" Ummmm, as a matter of fact I think I DID hear that about 4 or 5 THOUSAND times. Instead I answered "yes, that is very sad, but those dogs were all quite old and just happened to get sick and die, it happens."

It is a big day for our country, monumental and historic. An exciting time. A time of change (hopefully good). We have elected the first African American President. The world keeps turning, evolving and growing, and still my husband can't seem to find the damn hamper or the dishwasher. Why?

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Jennifer said...

Doesn't Obama come from a Kenyian background. Is he "African" American or "Kenyian" American? And do not worry, no matter how progressive the world becomes, I can guarantee the men in our lives will not change!