Monday, November 3

Pre-Voting Cramming

So, will you vote tomorrow? Of course I plan on voting tomorrow, I think anyone who doesn't might run the risk of getting stoned by their peers. I know all about how women fought with their lives to give me the right to vote, and I promise I won't squander it away. I just wish I were a little more, informed? Educated in this particular area? Political? I guess I just wish I were more sure. Red or blue? Yes or No? Vote no on Question 1 and yes on 2, or was it yes on 1 and no on 2, and what about 3? Am I a friend to the animals or people who need jobs? I tend to lean toward humans every time. And I just know that someone has snuck in a "Question 4" or something and it will totally throw me. Sure, I should know who I am voting for by now, and I do, kind of. Sometimes I feel like we are just voting for the least bad choice, rather than the best choice. I wish the decision were more cut and dry. My grandmother votes for whichever candidate is pro-life. That's all. The requirement is that if you are pro-life you get her vote. No further information needed. I wish I had something like that which would swing my vote in one solid direction. After all, I can't not vote for Obama because he seems too flashy or spent way more than I thought he should on an ad any more than I shouldn't vote for McCain because he blinks too much when he talks (a sure sign of a liar if you ask me) or because he is really old and, well, old. I really should base my decision more on the facts.

I have decided that I will just do what I did in High School and College when I had a big test and procrastinated. I will cram tonight, gathering information on both candidates so that I can make an informed decision. You know, stuff that I should have been paying attention to these last million months rather than occupying my mind with things like birthday parties, Halloween costumes and what's for dinner. So tonight after the kids go to bed I will hit the Internet and get information, right after I watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 . . . . unless I get too tired.


Jennifer said...

I hope you were able to get in a little internet time last night and found the right candidate for “you”. Seems it does not really matter what they say pre election; they do whatever their little heart desire afterwards. “Best of the worst”... so true. Although think about what a President succumbs himself (could have been herself) to, any noble candidate does and should run far away from the scrutiny of becoming President. Imagine being under the microscope, everything you say and do discussed. No thank you!!! And that leaves us with McCain and Obama… and a couple of other names that I saw on the ballot this morning.

Pamela said...

I am doing my research now too....I hate Pres elections, noone is the 'right' candidate on either side.