Thursday, November 26


When you have children I fully believe that a piece of your heart leaves your chest and lives outside of you, and it is so hard to have a piece of you outside of your body. It should be inside of you, safe and sound, but instead it is walking around out there, living its own life. On this Thanksgiving I am thankful that the little pieces of my heart are right by my side, snuggling on the couch watching the parade, sleeping in bed with their eyes half open, requiring all items from Thanksgiving dinner be separated and not touching each other on the plate. These little pieces of my heart take all my energy, all my strength, so much of my love, and I am thankful. I know that there are too many parents out there who have pieces of their heart scattered all over the globe, or pieces of their heart gone altogether, and when that happens I don't know how you breathe. So today I will remember even more that I am thankful for my children, and my husband and my entire family and my life. I am thankful for our health, our house, our jobs. I am thankful for that crusty part of the stuffing that hangs out of the turkey's butt. Yum, that's good stuff.


CaitRenee said...

Here, here! What a beautiful sentiment.

Erin said...

I smiled tonight reading your blog, first with a whistful sort or grin to full-out toothy smile..Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracy Hillhouse said...

that is just beautiful :)

Lindy said...

Great post.

But really? The mashed potatoes, gravy and corn all belong on top of each other.

Pam said...

I had teary eyes reading this, then laughed out loud at the end, you really have a knack for this Kirt!

Thanks for pointing out the blessing a child really is....sometimes it's hard to see through all the 'other' stuff.