Thursday, January 8


I was going to write a post about the exorbitant amount of snow days that Jack has had this year (8) not to mention delays and early dismissals. I was going to write about our
l. . . o. . . n. . . g
day yesterday stuck in the trailer together, playing Candyland, Operation, Princess dress up, and I Spy Bingo while the never ending ice and snow pelted down outside. I was going to write about how the sound of the phone ringing with our automated school closing announcement was starting to really get on my nerves. I was going to write about starting to count down the days (6) until I leave for St. Thomas. I was going to write a lot of things, but when I checked my e-mail this morning I saw that there was an updated post about my little Carepage cutie that I follow Coleman. Tragically, sadly, unfairly, he lost his 2 1/2 year battle and died Monday night. So now I am just sad. Sad and mad. And sad. Sad for his parents and his twin brother Caden. Sad for all the parents. And glad that I got to spend the day stuck in a trailer with my 2 healthy children playing games. Cancer sucks. That's all.
On another prayer, if you can send out some extra thoughts for my Nanny who is in the hospital with Pneumonia, I would appreciate it. She's going to be fine I'm sure, a little rest and recuperation (along with some tasty antibiotic's) and I'm sure she will be back where she wants to be soon, which is HOME!.


Jennifer said...

perspective... thanks Kirsten!

Suzy said...

Oh man.

Jen said...

Yes, Cancer sucks! My heart has been heavy since reading about Coleman. I am praying hard fo Team Larson

CaitRenee said...

Sometimes a little perspective's all we need. Matt and I are looking forward to playing endless games in your trailer Wed night. Viva la St. Thomas! WOOO!