Sunday, December 21

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Amy said...

I am posting as a response to your questions a few posts ago. I didn't have access to read your blog, so here goes...
My God, Kirsten, The pictures are so much worse than what we heard about. Your car too??? Really and truly this storm and the effects from it have left us a reminder of what this holiday season is about. I had to kept reminding myself of this many times through the almost eight days without power, two of which I roughed it out a home with a pile of dishes in the sink and eight children going stir crazy. Sunday, finally I snapped and piled everyone in the van and off to my sisters we went. Just for the day, I thought, a shower and a hot meal and we would be on our way. No such luck. My brother in law conviced me to stay and so we did for 3 1/2 days and came home to a cold 42 degree house. Power restored at 7 p.m. and Chris returning at 8 a.m the following morning from active duty. He had been gone for over seven weeks.

Yes, three of the children developed the chicken pox while we were away, and now thankfully they are all recovered. Still we fared out better than most, my mother only had her power restored at noontime on Sunday, almost 10 days after losing it to begin with. All from that beautiful ice that glistened on the trees in the sun the day after what we all thought was going to be a days worth of inconvenience at best.

I hope your house is repaired quickly and you all have a warm, safe and happy Christmas holiday at home where you belong.

Love to you, Dennis, Jack and Abby! See you all soon.