Monday, December 21

Proud Taekwondo Mama

Jack started Taekwondo almost 1 year ago. Actually, he started at the end of January last year because I thought it would be good for him to (a) learn some discipline and (b) get some exercise. I have to say that I am quite pleased with it on both counts, although while he listens wonderfully to his Taekwondo Instructor, I am still waiting for some of it to rub off on the home front. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will happen in time. Also, in the last 6 months he has actually lost 1 pound and grown 1 1/2 inches, and his doctor was very pleased. She was getting a little worried considering from the ages of 4 - 5 he gained 11 pounds, from 5 - 6 he gained 17 pounds and from 6 - 7 he gained another 10. This seemed to be a pattern that would put Jack at about 200 pounds by the 5th grade, so hopefully the Taekwondo and (slightly) better eating habits will continue to pay off. When we first started I remember thinking that he would never be able to learn all the moves, kicks, blocks, punches, and forms it would take to advance very far. Most of these moves are too difficult for even me to try to attempt, and the forms consist of a series of moves much like a dance that to me all look the same. But learn them he has. After only a couple of months he tested for his Orange Belt and we were quite impressed.

Then Summer came and he achieved his Yellow Belt.

Then he went for his Yellow Stripe.

Just this last Friday night, his achieved his Green. This was an exceptionally difficult test for all the kids (and adults), with the entire test board sitting for it and quite a bit of pressure. But they all did wonderful, although I spent the almost entire 2 1/2 hours sitting on my hands, with my feet icy cold with fear and feeling very, very nervous (you would have thought it was me out there attempting forms and snap front jump kicks).

Five belts in and he has learned so much and grown up so much and stuck with it, and we are truly proud.

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Lindy said...

Yeah - green belt!!! Way to go!

Jen said...

That's so great, Jack! I didn't realize how much work this was for him when you posted on FB! What a great accomplishment...and in only a year! You have much to be proud of! I can also see the change in his physique throughout the pictures. What a handsome young man you have!

Pam said...

Congrats Jack!!! I especially love that he was teaching the other boys some moves at Suzy's house! When did our babies become big kids? Seriously, when?

therextras said...

Our children benefitted from martial arts (karate) very much! You have reason to be pleased and proud. Ours tested straight through to black belt in 3 years, at 13 and 16. An excellent line on the ol' college app, too. ;)


Suzy said...

Need to show Jake these shots of Jack...he's still asking to go.