Thursday, August 27

How Did This Happen?

Lately I've been asking myself "how did this happen?" or more like "how did I let this happen?" No, I'm not talking about how I got sucked into starting a Farmville farm on Facebook, but how did I let myself gain all this damn frickin' weight? Last fall I started out needing to lose about 15 pounds. Then over the winter when we had the lovely ice storm and all the repercussions from that horrid mess (living in a trailer, far from my treadmill, buried in snow), I gained another 10. So beginning this summer I had about 25 to lose. Not 25 to lose to get to a "pre-baby what I weighed on the morning of my wedding weight", but a "I feel OK about myself my clothes fit and I'm feeling pretty good" weight. And now I am further away from that than ever. I am feeling out of shape and out of sorts and out of time. Last week I actually wrenched my back shopping. Yes! Shopping! I took the kids back to school shopping and after our trip I could barely walk. I think I hurt it pushing the cart. The cart! I had to lay around on a heating pad, popping ibuprofen like an addict for 3 days. At that point I realized, something must be done. I am 35 years old. I should be able to push a cart around for goodness sakes. I started Weight Watchers at the beginning of the summer, but at the end of the summer all I have to show for it is a loss of $30 bucks and 0.5 pounds. No, that's not 5 pounds. That's 0.5 pounds. As in ONE HALF OF A POUND! Pitiful.

Grrrr. So I will try again. I will jump back onto my point counting dragging my tired fat ass on the treadmill exercising routine, and hope for a positive outcome. I'm thinking that with the kids starting school next week, us getting back into a routine again (which we SO need) and the crisp cool air of fall approaching, I can do it this time. I think. No, I can. I will. Wish me luck, I'm off to harvest my wheat in Farmville now.


Erin said...

Believe me I feel you pain! But we can do it! We will persevere! We've got pleanty of inspiration we just need to keep it in the forefront! I'm contemplating making a fat lady cork for my wine bottle so when it's the middle of the week and I think it's time for a nice glass of wine I will reach for my lovely pinot noie with the fat lady cork and think, oh yeah, that's me right now, I don't really need all those calories. hummm sounds like it would work.

Jen said...

Hey Kirsten...that .5 loss was probably how much the $30 weighed! ;)

Just teasing you! I'm in the same situation as you! While I was training for the marathon I did not diet at all. I treated myself to anything I wanted to eat. In fact, I think I gained weight during training and no it wasn't muscle. Unless a "muffin top" can be considered muscle!

Do you do Weight Watchers on-line or go to actual meetings? I've know a lot of people who've done WW but I have never tried it myself. I was thinking about the on-line program but I wanted to hear what people thought of it.

Kirsten said...

Dunk, I like the way you think. Maybe I will make fat lady chip clip holders so when I grab for the bag . . viola! Craving curbed. And Jen, I do WW online. I like it because you get to put your food in the computer and it tally's it up for you and you can check off stuff, and I love that kind of organized crap. Does it work? For TONS of people I'm sure it does. Like anything if you stick with it and follow the program you will see results, and I think out of all the programs out there it is the most realistic to follow and still lead your normal life. I haven't had luck on it, YET, but I am sticking with it. Try try again, right?

Lindy said...

Call me crazy but I don't get the whole Farmville thing? :)

Sign yourself up for a 5K. It's 3.1 miles of hell but it'll give you something to train for - keep you motivated.

Good luck!